Top Things To Look For When Buying A Sit-Stand Desk

The benefits of sit-stand desks are no longer up for dispute. Companies and employees alike are becoming increasingly aware of the increasing evidence that exists to suggest that sitting behind a desk for sustained periods of time may lead to a host of health concerns. 

The world-renowned Mayo Clinic has analysed 13 studies on sitting time and the findings were staggering. It found that people who sit for the conventional 8 hours a day without physical activity have a similar risk of dying as those posed by obesity and smoking. 

A sit to stand practice is now becoming the norm in workplaces worldwide, with millions of office workers trading in their traditional sit-down desks for a more dynamic sit to stand desk, with both employers and employees reaping a plethora of benefits. These include improved posture, reduced complaints of body aches and pains, lowering rates of obesity and even heart disease. On top of this, we’ve seen increased concentration and improved mood from employees as the body remains energised with the increased blood flow of a sit-stand practice, consequently promoting greater productivity and efficiency. 

It’s no doubt a win for the organisation, and a win for the individual… But what are the top things to look for when buying a standing desk? What questions do you need to ask?

Should I buy an on-desk sit-stand converter or stand alone workstation?

As a consumer, when we first set out to purchase a sit-stand desk, we quickly learnt that the first fundamental decision in the purchase process was deciding if we wanted a sit-stand converter or a completely new ergonomic workstation. 

A Sit-Stand Desk Converter, or Desk Riser offers the flexibility of a sit-stand lifestyle but make sure you read into the features and functionality first… and be weary of unnecessarily exuberant price tags!

A sit-stand converter, sometimes also referred to as a desk riser, is a contraption that converts any existing desk into a stand-up desk. While these can be a great way to avoid buying a whole new desk, we realised that the converting device was more often than not causing the desk to feel cluttered and messy. They also usually lack any other kind of smart functionality and almost always require manual lifting. The converters, for what they are, also seemed extremely overpriced, often well about the $300-$400 mark. 

The Sit Stand Desk Co. specialises in supplying premium full desk options so you can have electric functionality and more work space at a comparable price point.

When we decided to set up The Sit Stand Desk Co to address the problems we experienced ourselves in the industry, we set out to supply a full desk we were proud of… without breaking the bank. As such, we made it our goal to keep the price of the entire unit, comparable or less than, the price of the sit-stand converters that were on the market. 

Electric or manual height-adjustment?

Electric or motorised sit-stand desks can be characterised by the use of motors to move between heights at the touch of a button. Due to the convenience an electric sit-stand desk offers, they are without a doubt the most popular design. The alternative is a hand-cranked or hydraulic desk, usually slightly cheaper, but the trade-offs are obvious in terms of convenience and reliability. 

Whether you are an employer supplying a standing desk for your staff or whether the desk is a personal choice, you will want to make sure it is as easy and user-friendly as possible so you find integrating the sit-stand practice simple and effective. With this in mind, an electric desk seems like a no-brainer. 

How easy is the purchase experience? 

When we were doing our research as a consumer to buy a standing desk, we immediately noticed just how confusing many of the leading companies at the time had made the purchase experience. We were sifting through office supplies websites trying to decipher the differences between dozens of desks with strange model names and numbers. We just wanted a sit to stand desk without all the smoke and mirrors and confusion. 

From our experience, we realised that the market was over-complicating a buying decision that really didn’t need to be so challenging. Learning from this, we sought to create a better shopping experience for our customers when we started The Sit Stand Desk Co. 

Reduce decision fatigue and shop with us in 3 easy steps:

Easy to assemble without special equipment or complicated tools?

Our vision right from our conception was to make the transition to a standing desk a simple process for both the employer and the employee. We sought to make the shopping process as straightforward as possible (choose your size, choose your colour, check out with free and fast shipping)… and we ensured we extended this simplicity to the installation process too. 

All desks supplied through The Sit Stand Desk Co. can be assembled in under 15 minutes with ease – no complicated tools and no need to waste time waiting for your workplace handyman! 

We aimed to make shopping with us easy… as well as the installation of your new Sit-Stand Desk… reduced office downtime so you can get standing in no time!

Am I paying more than I need to?

For far too long, the industry has been saturated with suppliers charging far too much for their sit-stand desks. We were also astounded by the price tags that some suppliers were asking for and couldn’t help but think to ourselves… WHY does it have to be so expensive?! 

A large part of our mission was to bring our customers the best quality, ergonomically-designed, smart sit stand desks at a price that more people and businesses could afford. We also wanted to achieve this without forgoing the intuitive and convenient features that we ourselves valued and without corner-cutting. 

If you are paying above the prices we offer here at The Sit Stand Desk Co, you are simply paying too much!

Can I complete my purchase online? 

When we were sitting in the same spot you are, shopping for a desk, we discovered that many sit-stand desk companies rely on workplace assessments and offering quotes. We all know this just means you end up paying an arm and a leg to compensate for the extra ‘free’ service offered. 

We can shop for anything else online and there’s no reason why buying a standing desk online should be any more complicated… right?! Like us, chances are you want a simple shopping experience, secure check out, free and fast shipping – all of which you’ll find here. 

Of course, if you do need that extra bit of assistance to know which standing desk is right for you and/or your workplace, we would be more than happy to assist you! Click here to Contact Us!

Does my purchase come with a money back guarantee?

We get it. You’re not just buying a cup of coffee… a sit-stand desk is a purchase that requires a little more consideration and cash! 

Here at The Sit Stand Desk Co., we believe we have found the best sit stand desks in Australia to create a happy, healthy working environment for you or your office.

However, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your product(s), we will happily give you a full refund if you get in touch with us within thirty (30) days of purchasing. Click here for our full Returns Policy. 

We hope this article has helped to inform you of the top things to look for when buying a sit-stand desk. We hope to be sending you one of our models very soon so you and your workplace can begin to reap the benefits just as we have! 

Standing together, 

— The Team at The Sit Stand Desk Co. 

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