Anti Fatigue Standing Office Mat

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The Anti Fatigue Standing Office Mat is the perfect addition to your sit-stand desk to create the ultimate ergonomic workspace!


The average Australian spends 38 hours per week (and many much longer) in their workspace, with a majority of that time spent sitting at an office desk. That’s almost the same amount of time as most people spend in bed for the week. You wouldn’t settle for a bed that gave you back pain or discomfort so why are you settling for an uncomfortable work environment that could be inflicting health issues under the surface?

A sit stand desk will go a long way at providing you a healthier, more productive workspace… and the benefits are undeniable. Pair your new desk with an anti fatigue mat – a comfortable surface upon which you can stand to cushion and support your feet, knees, hips and back and, in turn, reduce the risk of aches and pains during long periods at your desk.


500mm x 750mm x 20mm

  • Helps support joins while standing for long periods
  • Anti-slip bottom so it won’t be easily moved out of place
  • Thick memory foam to maintain shape for years to come
  • Beveled, no-curl edges for flat and comfortable, risk-free use
  • Durable, high-density core and hard-wearing materials
  • Versatile – perfect for all sorts of uses including sit-stand desks, in the kitchen, in the laundry, industrial work bench… basically anywhere you are standing for long periods
  • A fantastic accompaniment to your sit-stand desk!


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