About The Sit Stand Desk Co.


So, who are we?!

The team behind The Sit Stand Desk Co. was started by two business owners who worked long hours from home, six days a week, perched behind a computer screen. One of us was often complaining of back aches… whilst the other constantly felt fatigued, sluggish and agitated by the long hours spent sitting, often with poor posture or in awkward positions.  

We always sought to be an active couple and to do the right things to look after ourselves, like eating well and going to the gym before sitting down to start work in the mornings. 

We also made a habit of booking appointments with our osteopath at least once a month for a good ‘tune up.’ He knew of our lifestyle and the other things we had been trying to implement to balance out our long work days and, in light of the backaches and the fatigue that we were each feeling, recommended we look into buying a Sit Stand Desk each for our home office.

So… we started right where you are now… searching the web for a high quality Sit Stand Desk that suited our needs but, one that wouldn’t break the bank. To our amazement… what did we find that fitted this description?!

** Crickets ** 

Yep – probably like you have discovered for yourself – not very much at all. We found over-priced office furniture at one end of the spectrum, and at the other extreme – cheap, flimsy, mass-produced imported desks that had cut every corner to cut costs. 

So what did we do? We continued to scour the marketplace to find the best quality sit stand desk, with impressive functionality, ease of use and a dependability that we could count on… 

In the process, we identified huge flaws in the existing market for sit stand desks, including confusing websites with complicated names of desks and an overwhelming amount of different models… We were also astounded by the price tags that some suppliers were asking for and couldn’t help but think to ourselves… WHY does it have to be so expensive?! 

We were firm on finding a desk with a list of key features: smooth, ultra quiet operation, a sit/stand timer system, preset height memory, reliable mechanics, stability, and style… just to name a few.

Today, we are The Sit Stand Desk Co. for good reason – we specialize in bringing you one thing and one thing only so you can buy with confidence. Instead of dividing our focus among a long list of products, we decided to put all our attention into a small selection of ergonomic sit stand desks. And just as we set out to do, we are incredibly proud to bring these desks to you! 

Only the best components, no corner-cutting, no exuberant price tags, so we can nurture solid, healthy workplaces and create many happy customers Australia wide!

  • Sale!

    The ‘Exec’ 140cm Motorised Sit Stand Desk – Grey/Black

  • Sale!

    The ‘Exec’ 140cm Motorised Sit Stand Desk – Grey/Walnut

  • Sale!

    The ‘Exec’ 140cm Motorised Sit Stand Desk – Grey/White Oak

  • Sale!

    The ‘Exec’ 140cm Motorised Sit Stand Desk – White/Black


“They say ‘sitting is the new smoking’. I was spending too many hours each day with bad posture, hunched over my computer. Unfortunately I can’t change the amount of work I have to get done but at least with the option to stand, I feel more energized, alert, and like I’m finally taking care of myself during the longest part of my day.” 


Brisbane, QLD

“Quick and easy to put together, quality is great and looks fab! Exactly what I needed!”


Margaret River, WA

“I’ve suffered from lower back and neck problems for years with little to no relief. People told me for months that I need to try partly sitting, partly standing during my work day. When I finally (reluctantly) started using my new desk, I wondered what the hell had stopped me from buying it sooner! Listen people – don’t be like me! Stand up already!!”


Adelaide, SA

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